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I called her on it instantly. We cannot control our thoughts. Just so you know we are all like that. Im on love with a Virgo woman. We are needy. If most are like me just let them know how you feel. We are asswholes.

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But only to those who we feel deserve it. I get mad and complain about job. And yes we can be manipulative but it took me years to control my jackass side but it took a Virgo to do it. I was in. A toxic relationship with this man. He put me threw hell and back..

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There is so much I could take. Oh did I mention manipulative. Never again these two sign are not a match in heaven. N I always thought abt break up.. Firstly ill say I read every single post above.. I am a virgo woman on the cusp 22nd sept in a relationship with a libra man Oct 22nd. I think ours falls under several categories though because..

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And it definitely feels like he is my soul mate. He always tells me he would wait as long as he had to for me and that he already knows im the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, we talk about children and life after our chapters we are committed to right now. And so i wondered why he wanted me- on the ither side of the world unable to fulfil his physical desires. He is INTP but i am a very social person, i know a lot of people, im always busy, i value all of the connections i make i am very into networking and for some reason he thinks i am too beautiful for him like out of his league or something i am ENFP but luckily for him he ticks all of my boxes that of course i have thought out and analysed..

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He treated me like a child.. But my libra man treats me like a queen, he would rather die than for me to be hurt. He tells me that he loves me unconditionally. One time i told him that i hated myself and he got angry at me about it. He tells me that he bares his heart and soul out to me and its unfair if i keep things to myself. I do have very strong morals and it is hard to persuade me..

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But i do admit that he is right and i am easy going. But then again that may come out in me because i try and avoid conflict and sometimes want to be polite can be a pushover.. He is into pda bcuz i remember at school he was always all over his girlfriend. But then again we habent been intimate in any physical way since we have been dating, only in dreams. He has told me that his relationships in the past he smothered the girls with romanve and they took advantage of his caring nature. In the past i wouldnt have dated someone as romantic as him, but since being treated so terribly by my ex it has really made me appreciate it.

He always asks me to marry him and be his wife.. I think we are perfect for eachother the only things i have to look out for are: i have to let my guard down and my emotions through when we are being physically intimate, i dont want to deprive him of the connection that he yearns for. I fear that once i fulfil him in everyway and give him all of me he will grow tired of me and decide he doesnt want me anymore, maybe long distance is what is saving us. We both really want eachother in our futures and will stop at nothing to make that happen.

I like my alone time and long distance works for me.

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Even though i do want to be with him in a tangible form.. I am able to have my own life and at the same time devote all of my spare time to loving him And being his best friend. He is my puzzle piece and i want him to be the father of my children. My current GF is a Virgo. My current one is the one I have been with the longest 2 years and going.

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Once every 4 months or so she brings up a random conversation that annoys the living fucking crap out of me. Can a Virgo woman please tell me what this is about? To: All virgos and libras. Im surprised this article gave out a deep and emotional fact about the 2 zodiac signs. I met my virgo at my high school graduation.

I was nervous to talk to her. This virgo actually met the qualifications i expect and want from a woman.

Ive deployed to afghanistan in as an infantry machine gunner. I havent seen her in almost 2 years and she's falling for me : at the same time ive fallen for her. Yes ill do anything to keep a perpetual relationship. I still talk to her now and we have scheduled dates since im not planning on getting fat from my deployment lol. I pray our love for each other will remain "in abundant, till its full, until it overflows" — Creflo Dollar World Changers church in Atlanta Georgia.

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I also pray more virgos and libras have perpetual relationships. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Loves being in long relationships. So I find it hard to swallow this meek image that is being potrayed of virgos.

Not all of us are sexually aloof. Some will workout.. Just take your experience and do better for the next time. I read all comments , i agreed with many comments but also disagree with many. Its true that with charming persionality and aloring techniques libras are always prominent. Yes, I feel this way all the time. Of course we are having many problems, but still…. I have been with my Libra man for 20 yrs now. We have three beautiful children and have the greatest sex and intellectual discussions.

I love hugging anywhere and he gets pretty irritated about it…especially in public. He can be very cold at times. A few months ago, I made friends with a pisces man. He seems to know me in an almost intuitive way.